The danger of not waterproofing

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The dangerous of not do waterproofing

Getting fully on board with waterproofing helps you to understand the cause of not being waterproof in your home. Water intrusion issues are dangerous to your home you’re healthy and to the physical safety of everyone living in the house. Below are a few of the most common water intrusion problems we see in homes that are not properly waterproofed.

Foundation crack and weakness

  1. Mould
  2.  Rust
  3.  Cracked walls
  4.  Peeling paint
  5.  Univen suffice
  6. Bad smell
  7.  Corrosion
  8.  Leaks into your home damaged personal property
  9.  Roof rot
  10. Standing water
  11.  Pest infestation
In addition to all those issues, water intrusion can lead to a huge increase in your monthly utility cost. This is a symptom of problems like subterranean leaks are malfunctioning appliances, and goes to show that waterproof in your homes requires and inside our approach.
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