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Flat and material roofs extensive exposure to water can damage and cause big problems from the flat or metal roofs for example water can being to collect in a Softening sport which can cause self-tanning and licks. From the mold can grow and spread causing even more damage

Ensuring your flat roof is safe and strong and it will stand the test of time and heavy rain is a smart choice one roof damage which is the point it can cost thousands even payment terms of thousand off to repair that’s why we recommend having your roof inspected every 2-4 years

The process for waterproofing a flat roof

  1.  Taking damaged areas and making any structural or repaired for the roof.
  2. Fixing damaged areas and making any structural repairs to the roof.
  3. For metal roofs ceiling with any acrylic elastomeric method will achieve the best results for your many years.
  4. For flat roofs choose from an acrylic elastomeric coating or PVC membrane for decades of protection.

While those are the most common areas of a-holes to waterproofing it’s not a complete list others spaces like garage Walkways corridors driveways and so on can and should be inspected to ensure that our watertight

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